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Yamaha's “Distance Viewing” Transforms Tokyo's Live Music Scene

Step into the cozy concert and event space at Yamaha Ginza Studio in Tokyo, where you can experience past live performances through Yamaha's latest stage production technology known as "Distance Viewing." A live event held on March 23, 2023, featuring the talented Okinawan singer-songwriter, Anly, has been brought back to life using this innovative technology. The performers are displayed life-sized on a large screen while the dynamic sound of the original live performance is reproduced. Moreover, lighting effects from the initial show are masterfully recreated, ensuring a seamless synchronization with pre-recorded images. In essence, Yamaha is bringing past performances back to life.

The concept of “Distance Viewing” emerged as part of the "Yamaha COVID-19 Project," an initiative that took shape during the pandemic. During this time, concert venues became unsafe for sound, lighting, and stage crews as well as performers and audience members. Although in-person concerts have mostly resumed, the popularity of online concert viewings, whether live-streamed or pre-recorded, has soared, allowing viewers to enjoy events from the comfort of their homes. However, technologies such as "Distance Viewing" are revolutionizing the ways in which we can view these pre-recorded or live-streamed events by enabling in-person, communal experiences, fostering a sense of unity unique to live concerts (think movie screenings but with a stage, life-sized characters, and real-time lighting).

Anly, a gifted singer-songwriter from Okinawa, Japan—known for her contributions to numerous anime, commercials, and dramas—is among the first artists to have her concert revived with "Distance Viewing." Her magnetic presence was recorded on-stage as she built a whirlwind of soundscapes—looping vocals, guitar riffs, and playful melodies that merge Japanese and English lyrics. Real-time stage lighting, coupled with a sound system that replicates the original audio, adds a dimension that other pre-recorded or live-streamed performances cannot achieve.

Journey to the 2nd basement floor of the Yamaha Ginza Store to experience this unique viewing of Anly's concert and future performances (imagine being able to attend the concert of a deceased performer…one can dream, Yamaha!).

Yamaha Ginza Store


7-9-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Anly’s Artist Page


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