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Discover the Future of Arts & Technology in Japan at Inter BEE

If you have a passion for the arts and a curiosity for cutting-edge technology, then it's time to mark your calendar for Inter BEE 2023. This lively event at Makuhari in Chiba, Japan, invites professionals from various fields, as well as aspiring individuals, to explore and interact with technologies that are shaping the future of media, arts, and entertainment.

With almost six decades of history, Inter BEE stands as the greatest exhibition of equipment and technologies for broadcasting, communications, video, and audio in Japan. As the media landscape continues to swiftly evolve, creators of television shows, movies, videos, music, and live TV broadcasts have learned to stay ahead by embracing the latest advancements. Such an instance was the advent of online platforms, which made content easily accessible and challenged creators to reimagine the ways it can be presented and consumed. Moreover, aspiring video and music producers have gained unprecedented access to professional equipment, making it easier than ever to learn, create, and gain a global audience. At Inter BEE, the range of showcased equipment is vast, catering to both industry experts seeking high-end gear and newcomers looking for affordable, entry-level products. The event serves as a welcoming community for professionals and aspiring individuals alike, fostering new ideas and creativity.

One of the greatest aspects of Inter BEE is the opportunity to interact with the technologies presented. This year's Inter BEE featured captivating exhibits on virtual and augmented reality, immersive audio environments, live event production, large-scale video production, and, of course, the latest in robotics. Notable displays included an actor donning a full-body suit and bringing a character to life on screen; a film camera seamlessly syncing its movement with VR scenes and a live performer; an intimate exhibit designed to keep out the noise and immerse listeners in a 360 surround sound environment; and a charming robot engaging with a crowd of people, showcasing its ability to host events and captivate customers with its hospitality.

In this extraordinary era, we have the privilege of acquainting ourselves with technologies that were once feats of the imagination. As we look forward to 2024, we can anticipate the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into our daily lives—an advancement that will undoubtedly take center stage at Inter BEE. And the best part? Registration is free, inviting creative minds to come together and discover the future of arts and technology in Japan.

Makuhari Messe


Exhibition Halls 2 to 8

2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan


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