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Experience The Dark Side of the Moon in Immersive Audio at Rittor Base

In honor of the album's 50th anniversary, Rittor Base is inviting Pink Floyd fans to immerse themselves in the Dolby Atmos version of the groundbreaking album The Dark Side of the Moon. This exclusive event in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, organized by Sony Music and Rittor Music, promises an intimate and unforgettable experience within Rittor Base’s immersive environment. Although admission is free, reservations are required to secure your seat from April 1-2, 2023.

The Dark Side of the Moon holds a special place in the history of rock music since 1973. Their innovative use of tape loops, synthesizers, and multi-track recording birthed a sonic landscape that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. If you haven’t yet heard this album, you’ve probably seen its iconic cover art featuring a triangular prism of light and rainbow cascading into darkness. The album embraces concepts such as the pressures of modern life, the passage of time, and the enigmatic facets of human existence. This conceptual approach, along with boundary-pushing studio techniques, made this British rock band’s eighth studio album one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time.

In 2003, the Super Audio CD (SACD) version of The Dark Side of the Moon became known as the greatest surround sound ever to exist. However, Pink Floyd was quick to adapt to the new immersive capabilities of Dolby Atmos, which has been embraced in movie theaters since its introduction in 2012. At Rittor Base, listeners will experience how Dolby Atmos elevates traditional 5.1 surround sound into a 7.1.4 channel mix by incorporating two side speakers and four overhead speakers, allowing audiences to experience the intricate, hidden details of The Dark Side of the Moon. The sound collages of this album, built from everyday sounds such as clinking coins, ticking clocks, and snippets of conversation, make for an astonishingly realistic experience in an immersive environment. The walking sound effect from the song "On the Run" particularly stands out, giving the sensation of someone frantically pacing around the listener. These immersive details add a new dimension to the listening experience, igniting our imaginations and pulling us deeper into the album’s world.

The Dark Side of the Moon’s enduring impact on the music industry solidifies its status as a timeless album, listened to and loved by many generations. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, a deluxe box set was released on March 24th, featuring a collection of CDs, Blu-rays, a DVD, sheet music, and other treasures. Visit Rittor Base in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, to get your hands on this box set and experience The Dark Side of the Moon in a whole new light!



Ochanomizu Christian Center B1

2-1 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


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